Automated control system for collection, logistics and disposal of municipal and industrial waste
RFID technologies for efficient waste management

Relevance of the issue

The total annual turnover of waste in the Russian Federation reaches 3.8 billion tons, 30% of which are in unauthorized landfills. Companies working in the garbage industry are experiencing difficulties with obtaining real-time reliable information about the movements of garbage collection equipment, dumping garbage in unauthorized places, etc. The situation in the industry is characterized by:

  • Lack of mechanisms to control the logistics of municipal waste;
  • Lack of control of filling of garbage containers;
  • Lack of automated control over the targeted use of auto platforms;
  • Lack of trusted communication between the management company, the carrier and regulatory authorities.

Use advanced domestic experience
All elements of the system are based on the developments of the microelectronic company JSC «MERI and Micron»
Create the suitable functionality
Possibility to combine different elements of the system depending on the client's requests
The economic effect
We make sure that our customers receive economic benefits from the implementation of the system Functionality
A record of containers
Tracking containers / bins, fixed on the territorial basis
Report creation
Formation of reports for management companies and the regulatory body on actual events
Business intelligence
Automatic deviation detection, integration with various CRM and ERP systems
Smart navigation
Construction of routes based on GLONASS / GPS navigation systems using information on the filling capacity of containers
Weight control
Weight control module (optional) for use in landfills of solid municipal waste coming for disposal and recycling
Automation brings results

The automated control system of waste collection, logistics and disposal creates an effective mechanism for the participants of the garbage industry aimed at:

  • Improving the quality of services for the removal of solid municipal waste;
  • Automation of control processes over the target use of auto platforms;
  • Creation of infrastructure in the region to support environmental-oriented projects;
  • Formation of reliable reporting and statistics on the movement of solid municipal waste;
  • Ensuring control over the receipt of waste to landfill and recycling facilities;
  • Formation of the practice of payment for municipal waste in accordance with the real volumes of garbage removal.

System components for efficient waste management
Onboard computer
  • Transfer of information to the cloud service
  • The construction of optimal routes
Sensor stop auto platforms and actuation of the actuator
  • Check fact stop euro platform
  • Check triggering of the hydraulic mechanisms euro platform
RFID reader
  • Instant registration of the fact of a fence
  • Identification of the dumpster and waste producer
RFID tags for containers
  • Made in vandal-proof design, resistant to the environment
  • Trusted identification of container / bin owner at a distance
  • Determination of territorial belonging of the container / bin
Equipment for the landfill
  • Check euro platform on the ground
  • Control over the movement of waste on the territory of the landfill
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