System of accounting of various objects in logistics and production chains
Tracking the movement of products in production and warehouse logistics

Main Products Production logistics

At each enterprise, every minute there is a set of the interconnected processes demanding obligatory control and the account in production management system. Automated RFID-system is designed to ensure the exact location of all elements of the production chain and strict compliance with the regulations of the process, eliminating any kind of errors associated with the «human factor». Always were and remain actual for the head of the enterprise such questions as:

  • Сost reduction by optimizing the production process and reducing inventory;
  • Increase supply chain and equipment movement transparency;
  • Compliance with security requirements and theft prevention;
  • Ensuring timely delivery of spare parts, components, etc.

Take a quick and accurate inventory
RFID-technology is the most modern way to recognize objects, helping to conduct an impartial and rapid inventory
Automate in-store procedures
The procedures of acceptance, loading unloading, moving and inventory are carried out quickly and efficiently
Ensure the safety of products
Elimination of the human factor from the storage process and control of the movement of resources inside the warehouse and in production
The functionality of the system
Tracking the movement of elements of the production chain and operational coordinate the actions of participants in the production process
Timing control
Identification of material assets with an expired shelf life and equipment with an expired service life
Quick inventory
Quick inventories by means of long-distance, non-contact reading
The minimum of documents
Reduction of paper media involved in intra-warehouse processes
Protection against human factors in the process of acceptance, shipment and storage of resources
Theft protection
Exclusion of theft in the warehouse, as well as in the process of moving between objects
Effect of implementation

As a result of introduction of the accounting of objects on the basis of RFID-technology the enterprise receives:

  • Automated system of complete and operational control of the technological cycle of the production process;
  • Data in ASUP on the movement of objects and all elements of the production chain;
  • Accuracy and transparency of the accounting of acceptance and shipment, increase in speed of inventory and prevention of losses of material resources;
  • The ability to quickly determine the lack of stock components and quickly replenish stocks;
  • The ability to prevent theft and ensure the safety of material objects;
  • Increase the attractiveness and value of the company's brand in the eyes of partners, suppliers and consumers.

Components of the accounting system of objects in logistics and production chains
Arched RFID gates
Stationary RFID-tag reader provides control of movement of material values through the gate / door.
RFID safe
Automatic Cabinet ensures control of storage of valuables. Access is provided via smart cards.
Mobile RFID reader
Mobile hand reader speeds up the process of selection of goods.
RFID tag
RFID tags provide identification of each product unit.
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