The software
allows integrating all elements of the RFID system into a single complex
Software for managing RFID equipment or an RFID system is a set of programs that include:
  • Control protocols (drivers) for specific models of RFID devices that implement tag reading and writing;
  • User / administrator interface for working and configuring RFID devices;
  • The Central part (core) that interacts with other software components, as well as centralized storage and filtering of data from drivers;
  • Module for building reports based on data received from devices and stored in the core;
  • External integration interface, which is a protocol for interaction of external information systems (IS) with RFID software.
RFID software is an important part of any RFID system and provides the following important functions:
  • Filtering and aggregation of data received from RFID devices;
  • Ability to configure the operation parameters and components of the RFID system;
  • Users can work with RFID devices in accordance with approved business processes;
  • Uniform data exchange between external ICS and various RFID-enabled devices;
RFID software is used in a wide variety of areas:
Wholesale and retail trade;
Medicine and healthcare;
Access control systems (ACS);
Public transport;
Army and emergency services, etc.
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